Kashmir solution a must for regional peace: Fazl

13 December 2008
The News International

Islamabad: The JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman has said that the dream of peace in South Asia would remain a dream unless the long-standing dispute of Kashmir is resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned parties, including India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir. There is no issue that cannot be solved on the table. All we need is a firm will and a serious approach, Fazl said in an exclusive interview with a Kashmiri daily. He said this is no time to engage in blame game but to fight the scourge of terrorism together. The Indian media and leadership must realise this fact, he added. Be it enhanced trade between the two neighbouring states, people-to-people contacts, peace and security etc, all issues are somehow linked to Kashmir, he said. It is, therefore, essential for India and Pakistan to make the issue of Kashmir basis to settle all other outstanding issues. Answering a question he said Pakistan has always welcomed the idea of third party mediation on Kashmir issue but it is India that has been rejecting it. He said talks are going on between the two countries but it is very unfortunate that whenever there is a forward movement some untoward incident takes place that changes the entire scenario by pushing the whole process backward.