Hashim Qureshi Submits Paper On Kashmir

15 December 2008
Kashmir Times

Srinagar: Chariman JK Democratic Liberation Party (JKDLP), Hashim Qureshi submitted his written paper on Kashmir titled 'Solution of Kashmir issue - stimulus to peace' during the two day conference 'Cultural heritage of people of Kashmir' organized by Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne MEP in the European Parliament. According to a press, in his speech, Hashim talked about the recent political development in Asia. He said that although the state and union government brutally tried to crush the recently held mass uprising against land row and economic blockade to Kashmir in which 60 people fell to bullets, Kashmiris demonstrated before the world they were fed up of Indian hegemony. Chariman JKDLP said that elections in Kashmir were held by imposing curfews and maintained that exercising franchise vote or not exercising it were democratic rights. He said that elections were only a means of government formation and not an alternative to the long pending Kashmir issue.s