Mirwaiz Hurriyat Divided Over Unity With Geelani Faction

13 January 2009
Kashmir Times

Srinagar: It has been reliably learnt that opinion is lopsidedly divided in Mirwaiz faction of Hurriyat regarding any future truck with the Geelani faction of Hurriyat Conference and the Coordination Committee. Reliable sources told Kashmir Times that the executive meeting was dominated by the discussion and disagreement regarding the future ties with the Coordination Committee and the Geelani faction of Hurriyat Conference. Sources said that most of the executive members expressed their strong resentment with the way Mirwaiz Hurriyat was allowing Geelani faction of Hurriyat to dominate the decision-making. Sources said that they asked Mirwaiz what response the faction was getting from Geelani faction of Hurriyat Conference despite the fact that the faction headed by Mirwaiz was making too many compromises for reunion or reconciliation The faction held its executive meeting today wherein these issues were discussed. The executive members, who are not in Kashmir, were represented by the deputies of their respective organizations. It was decided during the executive body meet that the general council meeting would be shortly convened. Meanwhile, the faction today asked India and Pakistan to start meaningful dialogue for resolving the Kashmir issue rather than making the futile efforts to search the escape route. The faction also condemned the continued detention of Hurriyat leaders like Shabir Shah, Nayeem Khan and others.