Statements Of David Miliband And Susan Rice Augurs Well

17 January 2009
Associated Press of Pakistan

Islamabad: The UK based Kashmiri leaders have welcomed the statements of British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and US Ambassador Designate to the UN Susan Rice, on Kashmir saying it was time the international community realise the importance of issue to the peace in South Asia. The senior Vice President World Kashmir Freedom Movement (WKFM) Nazir Ahmad Qurashi, said the recent popular peaceful dissent in IOK has sent a categorical message to the world that Kashmiris want to live in peace as such peaceful resolution will strengthen the voices of sanity in the South Asian region. He has further hoped that international community will help in cooling the tensions between India and Pakistan. “The composite dialogue will not get derailed and the international community will ensure the inclusion of Kashmiris in the dialogue to make it meaningful and productive,” he said in a statement. Another Kashmiri leader Prof. Nazir Ahmed Shawl spoke in similar terms and said Miliband deserves appreciation from all well wishers of peace and particularly from people of Jammu and Kashmir for his candid, categorical and realistic perception that South Asian region can become an abode of peace if the lingering Kashmir dispute is resolved. “Miliband has rightly categorized Kashmir dispute as one which has international implications. He has aptly negated the drum beat of India that it was an internal issue and could be resolved within the Indian Frame work,” said Shawl, Director, Kashmir Centre, London. He said Susan Rice has also identified Kashmir as the hot spots in the conflict torn region during the testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Shawl was hopeful that the international community will play a pro active role in facilitating a just, durable and acceptable solution of Kashmir dispute to the satisfaction of people living in the disputed region.