Panun Kashmir Observes 19th Holocaust Day

18 January 2009
Meri News

New Delhi: PANUN KASHMIR on Sunday (January 18), organised a Kashmiri Pandit community meet in Jammu to observe the 19th Holocaust Day. Recalling January 19, 1990, Dr Ajay Chrungoo said, “It was on this day when terrorists under the aegis of JKLF and other allied outfits declared war against minority Kashmiri Pandit community through hate campaigns, threats, selective killings, bomb attacks etc. This paved way for religious cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus, the original inhabitants of Kashmir. No Kashmiri Pandit who has lived through those days in Kashmir and retains some sensitivity can overcome the nightmarish experiences”. He further said that this is why on this day Kashmiri Hindus hold protests, take out rallies and make a resolve to keep reminding the world that this community will never accept its cleansing as a fait accompli. Kashmiri Pandits have been great survivors and survived seven exoduses in the past 650 years, they retain the will to survive in future also, Dr Chrungoo declared. ON Trisal praised Panun Kashmir leadership for carrying on the struggle with vision and determination. He recalled the moments of December, 1991 when Kashmiri Pandits under the aegis of Panun Kashmir at the site in Jammu named after the great Saivite Acharya Abhinavgupta passed a resolution demanding their ’Homeland’. “We have been thrown out seven times and ‘no exodus any more’ was our firm resolve this time. We have demanded a ‘Homeland’ for our rehabilitation,” Trisal lamented. Displaying strong optimism Trisal said, “We have dreams and dreams will come to fruition, when winter comes, can spring be far behind. While welcoming the Government of India in seeking global cooperation in the war against terrorism Kuldeep Raina said, “The Mumbai terrorist violence has galvanised the national opinion and crystallised national consensus more than any act of violence in recent times. The religious cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir did not outrage the nation even though in intensity and by implication it continues to be a gruesome attack on the ‘Idea of India’. Pandits may be lacking in population mass but they retain great symbolic significance. Every single act of defiance by them would become a force multiplier.” Prof ML Kaul called upon the community members to prepare for a demonstrative phase of ‘Panun Kashmir Movement. The meet concluded with a resolve to fight the internal and well as external enemy; to raise their banner of struggle against all kinds of terror and to awaken world opinion for reversing the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir as a cardinal principal of fight against terrorism.