Attique Calls World Powers To Assist In Kashmir Settlement

26 January 2009
Pakistan Observer

Islamabad: Monday was observed as Black Day by Kashmiris across Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, occupied Kashmir and by Kashmiri Diaspora abroad seeking attention of the world for settlement of Kashmir dispute which concerns the political destiny of over 16 million Kashmiris. In Islamabad the APHC chapter of AJK-Pakistan led an all-party protest to the UN office and delivered a memorandum appealing the UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-Moon and permanent members of the UN Security Council to take up Kashmir agenda for the solution of Kashmir dispute. “Kashmiris observe the Indian Republic Day as Black Day throughout the world as a reminder that under the garb of so-called secular democracy in India Kashmiri population in occupied Kashmir is being suppressed, ill-treated and deprived of their basic human rights. Over 800,000 Indian military and paramilitary has turned occupied Kashmir into a big garrison. Today Kashmir remains the most militarized part of the world”, the appeal said. In Mirpur Muslim Conference Chief and ex-Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan in his address urged the world powers to come forward to help Kashmiris recover their rights which India continues to grab for past over sixty years. The incessant denial causes periodic bleeding of human blood in Jammu and Kashmir. By passing Kashmir resolutions the UNO since 1948 had taken upon itself to solve this dispute and it is the duty of world body to get it solved to the satisfaction of the Kashmiris, the principal party to the dispute, he added. He welcomed the new awareness among the global community to solve Kashmir tangle to ensure peace and security in South Asia and assured all cooperation of his party and the people in efforts aimed at settling Kashmir. He urged ending of massive human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and appealed for opening of all natural routes and roads and railway as a gesture of conducive atmosphere in the State.