Mirwaiz Urges Obama To Intervene In Kashmir

30 January 2009
Kashmir Watch

Srinagar: Chairman Hurriyat (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today came down heavily on the United States of America for not having played its due role in resolving the Kashmir issue. 'Despite the fact that ruthless human rights violations continue in Kashmir and in other Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq, America is not playing the part which it otherwise should,' he said. 'Though the newly elected president of America Barack Hussain Obama has stated that America is not the enemy of Muslims and wants to solve the ongoing world disputes, he is not taking any serious step for the resolution of Kashmir.' Condemning the Election Commission of India for having said that elections are the ultimate solution to Kashmir issue, Mirwaz said, 'Kashmir dispute is a political issue and can be solved only politically. We are not against the developments in the Valley but the real development can be only done when there would be peace.' Addressing the people at Jamia Masjid Srinagar at the Friday congregational prayers Mirwaiz said India is misleading the world bodies by its 'false propaganda'. 'India is misleading the international bodies by hiding the ground situation and realities of Kashmir' Mirwaiz said. 'Kashmir is the main reason for the instability in Asia and the peace in this subcontinent would not be attained till the Kashmir issue is resolved.' Urging for the intervention of world bodies including United Nations in Kashmir, Mirwaiz said countries like America and Britain should take immediate steps to solve the Kashmir issue. 'The international bodies should pressurise India to stop the ongoing human rights violations in Kashmir,' he said. He also called for the immediate release of Hurriyat leaders who have been arrested under Public Safety Act (PSA).