Youth Posing As Militants To Loot Villagers In J-K

17 February 2009
The Indian Express

Jammu: The midnight knocks on the doors of the people turn into their nightmare. In Jammu and Kashmir, police have come across cases in which the youth are posing as militants to indulge in robberies. Sources said that police have received complaints that a group of youth in the Chatroo area of the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir are indulging in looting by posing as fake militants. Youth who fake as militants come to the houses of people during the night and indulge in looting, said a state police official. Police have registered a case and hunt is on for a group of youth in the remote area who armed with weapons looted a villager. Investigations have been started in a case following complaint by a villager, Ghulam Hussain, that on Saturday night a group of youth came to his house and robbed him of Rs 4,000. “Ghulam Hussain is a very poor man and he has been working as a farmer’’ police officials said, adding, “we have started the questioning of the local people who were earlier involved in the robberies to find whether they were involved in faking as militants and later looting the people.” “we were informed by the complainant that the youth whose number were two, knocked at the house of Ghulam Hussain and as he opened the door they pounced on him and fled away with the money,’’ officials said. Sources said that police have received complaints from more of the people in the area that the armed youth are indulging in arson and loot by posing as militants. Senior police officials said that they have started investigation and the hunt is on to nab the youth who were posing as militants. The fear factor is one reason that the youth manage to loot the people by faking as militants, said a state police official. “Earlier also some cases of youth were arrested who were faking as militants. The youth operate in the group of 5-10 and usually their activities are localized and they operate within their area only. It was seldom that the youth from one area would have a nexus with those from the other areas,’’ said, a state police official.