Omar's Views On Kashmir Issue Childish: Hurriyat

4 March 2009

Srinagar: The hardline Hurriyat Conference headed by Syed Ali Shah Geelani today criticised Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for his statement that people of Jammu and Kashmir have given the ruling National Conference-Congress coalition a mandate to resolve the Kashmir issue politically. 'The remarks of Omar Abdullah is childish and contradictory to his statements on the Kashmir issue made during assembly elections last year,' Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar said today. The Chief Minister, replying to the debate on Governor's address in the state legislature yesterday, said Congress-NC came together on common minimum programme and the people of Jammu and Kashmir have given the mandate to these parties for resolution of the Kashmir issue politically. 'Omar's remarks are higher than his size. He is still a child in politics and the Kashmir issue has attained height, bigger than his grandfather Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah', Akbar said, adding 'Sheikh had completely buried the Kashmir issue as far back as 1975 but that has not happened'. 'Even as Sheikh is resting in a graveyard for the past 30 years, the Kashmir issue is still alive. It has emerged as an even stronger issue than in the past,' Akbar said. Akbar said Omar Abdullah can 'sell himself in the markets of New Delhi' but cannot change the 'inner voice of Kashmiris'. 'Omar is habitually forgetful. Like his other election promises, he has forgotten that while visiting village to village during the elections he had sought votes promising better roads, electricity and employment and said that elections have no bearing on the Kashmir issue,' Akbar said. He said 'If Omar got some votes courtesy the police and the army, it was for administrative purposes alone. He should restrict himself to that job and should think over it hundred times before jumping into bigger issues - like the Kashmir problem.' Akbar hailed the statement of a visiting European Union delegation that elections were no solution to the Kashmir issue. 'European Union delegation has adopted a realistic approach by stating that elections were no solution to the Kashmir issue. This is an international stamp that elections are no alternative to the plebiscite,' Akbar said. He said 'Kashmir is not a law and order problem but involved the future of 1.30 crore people of the state, and unless the citizens of the state were allowed to decide their future, holding of elections in the state are meaningless.'