Militant Made Their Presence Felt In The City Again

11 March 2009
Etalaat News Service

Srinagar: At a time when the parliamentary elections are round the corner, the militants have shown their presence again in the Srinagar city. From last 24 hours militants hurled two grenades at the Para-military troopers at Nowhatta and Hari Singh High streets (HSHS) disproving the claims of the security agencies of wiping out the militants from the summer capital. On Monday evening, militants tossed a grenade on the CRPF bunker of 162 Bn at Nowhatta which went off at the road side. There were, however, no causality or injury reported in the incident. Within 24 hours militants hurled another grenade on the CRPF troopers of 144 Bn at HSHS injuring two troopers. The grenade explodes this afternoon, when the market was crowded with the shoppers. The people went pell-mell and shopkeepers left their shops open to save their lives. Eyewitnesses talking to this newspaper said that some unidentified persons hurled the grenade on the bunker from Amira-Kadal and disappeared in the crowd. Satish Verma, Sub-inspector of CRPF troopers who was present at the time of incident said that they maintain restraint as there was a huge crowd and any retaliation from their side would have resulted into the civilian causality. “We could not trace the grenade thrower as the area was thronged with the civilians and taking the benefit of this they disappeared”, he said. Among the injured troopers, one was identified as M. Chokah. The injured troopers were later hospitalized in the police hospital at Police control room. The sounding of bugle by the militants in the city has belied the claims of the police and Para-military troopers for eradicating militants from the city. It is pertinent to mention here that the top officials of the police and Para military troopers made public in various functions that the city has been cleared off from the militants. Syed Afad-ul-Mujtaba, Senior Superintendent of police Srinagar talking to this newspaper denied that they had made any claim of clearing the city from militants. “It is not possible to keep watch over the 15 lakh population of the city. The militants who are indulged in the act of violence are coming from other districts. Very soon we will rein them also,” Afad said. a