'Mufti Acted As 'spokesman' Of Militants During His Tenure'

16 March 2009

New Delhi: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was acting as the 'spokesman' of militants during his tenure and several of his cabinet colleagues were hobnobbing with separatists, alleges former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir S K Sinha. 'When I was the Governor of the state, virtually there was a cold war between Raj Bhavan and the state government. The Chief Minister was acting like a spokesman of militants,' Lt General (retd) Sinha said at a function for release of his book 'Guarding India's Integrity' by BJP leader L K Advani. Recalling his days in Kashmir Raj Bhavan, Sinha said there was lack of synergy between him and Sayeed and both of them were pursuing completely opposite policies. The former Governor said Sayeed wanted to pursue 'healing touch policy' which meant pension and compensation to the family members of terrorists killed by security forces and not for the victims of the terrorists violence. The PDP leader wanted 'joint control of Kashmir under India and Pakistan, dual currencies of India and Pakistan to run in Kashmir and complete demilitarisation of the state'. 'In days we cannot see eye-to-eye. He had a communal bias and he was totally opposed to the welfare of the Kashmiri Pandits who have been living in pathetic conditions in relief camps,' he said.