Kashmir Mosques Join Campaign Against Poly Bags

22 March 2009

Srinagar: Passionate appeals are being made these days from all major mosques, including Hazratbal Shrine and Jamia Masjid, in the Kashmir Valley urging the people to refrain from using polythene bags, which have taken a heavy toll on the environment. Spurred by a group of educated youths belonging to an NGO 'Green Dream', Muslim clerics, religious leaders and Bollywood personalities like director Vidhu Vinod Chopra have joined a campaign seeking a ban on polythene bags in Kashmir. 'Mosques are best places to convey this message to every individual as cleanliness is a great symbol in our faith and if we keep our surrounding clean this is also worship,' the Imams told PTI. The government is promoting Kashmir as a tourist destination but continued use of polythene will have an adverse affect on environment. 'The government should strictly implement the ban on polythene so that the environment is not affected,' Maulana Habibullah said. Disturbed by the use of polythene bags, youths of green dream requested commissioner of Srinagar Municipal Corporation Farooq Renzu to impose ban on them. Bollywood director Chopra joined their campaign today and sought the help of locals in eradicating the meance. 'I see hope in the youth of Kashmir who have launched a campaign against use of polythene. I feel happy that Kashmiri youths have started taking initiatives against issues like polythene pollution,' Chopra told reporters.