NGO Urges State Govt. To Take Steps To Save Dal Lake

23 March 2009
The Hindu

Srinagar: The world famous Dal lake is facing a 'slow death' and the state government should take early steps to save it, an NGO said on Monday. 'An environmental bomb is ticking beneath the famous Dal lake. If urgent steps are not taken to save it, the state will loose its face as the water body is star attraction for tourists,' Chairman of Shehar-E-Khas welfare and development coordination committee, a NGO formed by people of the city, Mohammad Yaqub Vakil told reporters here on Monday. He said raw sewage, land encroachment and years of neglect have threatened survival of the water body and government must take early steps to save it. Alleging discrimination meted to Srinagar by successive governments, Mr. Vakil also urged the government to pay attention to the dilapidated roads, lanes and drains in the city. Mr. Vakil also urged the government to create job avenues for educated unemployed youth. Replying to a question, he said his committee will form volunteers in every area to launch awareness campaign against social evils like dowry and growing menace of drug addiction.