Sites Along Kashmir's Mughal Road To Get Facelift

29 March 2009
The Indian Express

Jammu: With the government setting a deadline for the completion of work on Mughal road by early 2011, work is set to begin on the heritage structures and monuments along the road to promote state tourism. 'We have planned that all those heritage points and tourist sites which fall along the road will be developed for promotion of heritage tourism in the state. Already the heritage structures which are to be given the facelift have been identified on the road and the project report for the construction work is being formulated,' said Jammu and Kashmir's Tourism Secretary, Tanveera Jahan. The 84-km long road, Kashmir's shortest link with the rest of the country, is dotted on both sides with inns and monuments built by the Mughals. 'Mughal Emperors who used to travel on the road to Kashmir got constructed many inns along the road. At the Chingus Sarai (inn) the entrails of Mughal Emperor, Jahangir, who died on his way back from Kashmir were buried,' says M Y Taing, former secretary of the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art Culture and Languages. Noori Chamb, a waterfall named by Emperor Jahangir after his queen, Noor Jahan, and Bufliaz town in Poonch district named after Alexander's horse, Bunifales, are few of the numerous attractions. Government officials said that the road which is coming up at a cost of Rs 639 crore will provide an alternate link to the Valley and it will be completed by March 2011. The road criss-crosses through mountain ranges at the height of 11,500-130,000 feet. The government has already spent Rs 233 crore on the road.