Lashkar Condemns Shah’s Re-arrest

1 April 2009
News Agency of Kashmir

Srinagar: The Lashkar-e-Toiba has condemned the re-arresting of Shabir Shah, and termed it as ‘unethical’. A caller identifying himself as the spokesperson of the Lashkar-e-Toiba, Dr. Abdullah Gaznavi condemned the re-arrest of the Shabir Shah and said, “India is trying to crush the Kashmiri freedom movement by jailing the pro freedom leadership, Inspite of it, every Kashmiri will give every drop of his blood for the cause.” The Let Spokesman said that the Kashmiri sprits are high inspite of Indian ‘imperialism’. “The LeT is with the detained leaders of Hurriyat Conference Shabir Shah, Masrat Alam, Muhammad Qasim and others. Human right organizations should take note of this act of India and should pressurize India to get the Hurriyat leaders released,” he said.