Election Fever Grips Srinagar

3 April 2009

Srinagar: Preparations for the forthcoming parliamentary election for the Srinagar constituency in Jammu and Kashmir are in full swing. “As far as the conduct of election is concerned, we are committed to do it in a free, fair and transparent manner. In this regard, details of transport plan and security plan have been worked out. In all of our polling stations, best security measures will be taken. Arrangements for the stay and transportation of employees working during the election have been done. All other nitty-gritty related to elections are taking place, “said Merajudin Kakroo, Nodal Officer, Srinagar-Budgam Lok seat. The State Government employees under Deputy Commissioner and Chief Electoral Officer are busy in making fresh voter cards. In the last elections, a large number of voters were not able to cast their votes due to some irregularities. “Presently, we have completed 80 per cent of our work like arranging material for returning officers and appointment of returning officers. In the second phase, preparations are going on for Electronic Photo Identity Card (EPIC). Presently, our new field is Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). The work related to ready EVM in a new order is going on. We are waiting for notification, and after notification our work will again start in full swing, ” said N K Pandita, an Election Official, Srinagar -Budgam Lok seat. Election for this seat will be held on May 7 while the counting of votes will be held on May 16.