Militant groups determined to infiltrate into J&K: PC

7 April 2009
The Daily Excelsior

New Delhi: Terror groups aided by Pakistan's state agencies are making determined efforts for infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir and security forces are maintaining a 'heightened sense of vigil' to thwart those attempts, Home Minister P Chidambaram said here today. 'There is a determined effort to infiltrate across the International Border and the Line of Control ... But our security forces are on alert and have been able to neutralise these infiltrators in the last three or four weeks,' he said at a press conference at the AICC headquarters here. Chidambaram said there was a determined effort to infiltrate across the International Border and the Line of Control and the distinction between different organisations was 'virtually disappearing.' 'I am confident that with the heightened sense of vigil and alertness we will be able to neutralise infiltrators across the Kashmir border,' he said. While India has been working with the Governments of Bangladesh and Myanmar to tackle similar problems, Chidambaram said 'in case of Pakistan, it is a very different problem. Mostly, it is state or state agency sponsored infiltration.' 'Therefore we have to remain extremely alert and neutralise any infiltrator who crosses the LoC or the International Border,' he said. On infiltration from Bangladesh and Myanmar, Chidambaram said that the issue was being raised with the respective Governments but he was not happy with the results. 'It is a long hard work. We have to work with Governments across the border. We have to work particularly with the Governments of Bangladesh and Myanmar. We are working with those Governments. I am not happy with the results. 'But we have to heighten and increase our diplomatic efforts to work with the Governments to stop infiltration from across the border in Myanmar and Bangladesh,' he said. Chidambaram said Naxalism was a 'separate problem' in which the State has to deal with its own citizens and cited 'police action plus development' as a means to tackle the issue. To a question, he said that the US shares border with two countries, namely Mexico and Canada, while India shares its border with six countries-Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan. 'Our borders are more porous than those of the US,' Chidambaram said adding that the security situation in South Asia was definitely very serious. Referring to the turmoil in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Chidambaram said 'we are in the middle of a ring of fire.'