Terror Camps Still 'existing' On Other Side Of LoC: Army

17 April 2009
The Times of India

New Delhi: The Army on Friday said that terror training camps are still ‘existing’ on the other side of the Line of Control and Pakistan is continuing its 'support' for infiltration into India. 'The camps, which were there on the other side are still existing ... there is definite support for infiltration from the other side,' Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor said. 'The kind of equipment with which these militants have been caught whether in terms of weapons or communication equipment indicates the tremendous amount of support given to them by the other side,' he said. Commenting on the issue of Taliban's infiltration into India, he said, '50% of the component of these (terror) groups has been foreign terrorists. So, if the Taliban decide to come into state of Jammu and Kashmir, I have no doubt that we will be able to tackle them.' General Kapoor had recently said that the Army has not yet found trace of Taliban's presence in the country after media reports suggested that a group of over 35 Taliban had infiltrated into Jammu and Kashmir.