US Not Favor Kashmir Solution: Turabi

22 April 2009

Rawalpindi: Amir Jamaat-e-Islami AJK Abdul Rashid Turabi said here on Wednesday that the US, India and Israel wanted a permanent push-back from Kashmir issue. Addressing a gathering, he said that no solution except the right of self-determination would be acceptable to Kashmiris. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) should respect the pronouncement of its Quaid Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to fight war for Kashmir and its policy for hundred years, he said. He regretted that People elected through fake voting could not be the real representatives of the Kashmiris so they could not perform their due role for the resolution of Kashmir issue and the whole political system took hostage due to fake polling held in Pakistan He said that the AJK was the base camp of Kashmiris and our educated young generation was wasting their talent and doing odd jobs in Pakistan due to the inability of the rulers. He urged UNO and the other international institutions to perform their due role for the resolution of Kashmir issue for permanent peace in the region. Peace is impossible in the region without the permanent resolution of Kashmir issue, he added.