Stronger Pak Needed To Check Taliban: Farooq

1 May 2009
The Times of India

Ajmer: Former chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Farooq Abdullah on Friday campaigned for his son-in-law and Congress candidate Sachin Pilot in Ajmer. He offered namaz at Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti dargah and held talks with Muslim leaders. Speaking at a public meeting in Dargah Bazaar, Abdullah said, 'India could not survive if Pakistan is destroyed by terrorists. To stop Taliban from entering India, it is necessary to make Pakistan stronger.' Taking a dig at BJP, Abdullah said, 'Whenever BJP comes to power, it discards it's hidden agenda and whenever it is not in power, it raises Ram Mandir issue. The Congress always wanted good bilateral relations with Pakistan but BJP wanted to destroy Pakistan. To develop South West Asia, it is necessary to have an alliance with Pakistan,' said Abdullah. Abdullah said, 'What BJP wants is not possible in present era. Time has come when the neighbouring countries must join hands for development as the countries have done in Europe. India is facing the biggest threat from Taliban. They do not want peace in India. After Afghanistan, now Pakistan is the target for them and then it will be India's turn. It is better to stop Taliban in Pakistan.' Abdullah said BJP spreads hatred among communities in the name of religion and caste. Their agenda is to grab power by any means. BJP exploits emotions of people and now people must understand that development is key for India, he added. Asking to vote for Congress, Abdullah said, 'If you want to save the country, vote for Congress. Sachin is a young politician who understands your problems and can raise the voice of Ajmer in Delhi. Earlier, Abdullah addressed a public gathering in Kishangarh.