Pakistan to contact WB on Kishan Ganga project.

3 May 2009
The News International

Lahore: Pakistan will approach the World Bank for appointment of an impartial expert to resolve the KishanGanga Power Project issue with India. Talking to journalists here Sunday, Syed Jamaat Ali Shah, the Commissioner of Indus Water Treaty Commission, said that Pakistan was taking this step so that the matter could not be settled down at the commissions level. Since Pakistan has received a reply letter from India with regards to the project, in which it did not show any willingness to sort out the issue that is why we are approaching the WB, he added. Jamaat Shah said that according to the treaty, Pakistan has prerogative over water of Rivers Jehlum, Chenab and Sindh. With regards to Baglihar Dam, he said, a neutral expert had resolved this issue in year 2007, adding that every project has its own nature so India must not impose decision of Baglihar Dam issue on Kishan Ganga Power Project.