Kashmir grand mufti upset by Taliban Jazia

5 May 2009

Srinagar: - Terming the Taliban's imposition of jazia on minorities in Pakistan as flagrant overstepping of authority, the grand mufti of Indian-administered Kashmir, has expressed concern over what he described as portraying Islamic tenets in the wrong color. In a statement issued today, Mufti Bashiruddin said that that attacks on minorities were against the teachings of Islam. He said that the Taliban, any militant organization or any individual could not collect 'jazia' (tax) from any minority community under Islamic laws. Mufti Bashir said it that it was only an Islamic government which had the right to implement Islamic laws. He said that the action taken by the Taliban in Pakistan could not be justified as they had no right to collect jazia. The grand mufti of Kashmir appealed to the president, the prime minister, Islamic scholars and social organizations of Pakistan to intervene to stop such un-Islamic acts.