PDP Leaders Spreading Lies: Omar Abdullah

9 May 2009
Greater Kashmir

Sopur: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday accused the PDP leadership of “circulating rumors and telling unabashed lies” for acquiring power, and asked people to foil the “PDP’s attempts aimed at dividing people on crucial issues.” Omar told public meetings in Seelu, Sopur, Wakura of Varmul district that by repeating them hundreds of times the PDP leadership was attempting to convert lies into facts, but “lies have no legs to stand upon.” “Nowadays the PDP leadership is spreading a rumor about increase in toll tax on fruit consignments, which is a lie and propaganda to mislead and confuse fruit growers and traders,” Omar said, adding, “Toll tax rate has not been increased, nor does government intend to increase it. Fruit growers shouldn’t heed to the lies of PDP.” “I dare them to show a single document in civil secretariat as proof about imposition of toll tax and I would resign if they do it,” he said, adding, “They have crossed limits in spreading lies.” Omar said the PDP propaganda against the National Conference has been the only trait of this party, adding that “falsifying facts and creating make belief world regarding Jammu and Kashmir centric issues is the handiwork of PDP and its leadership.”