Musharraf Diluted Kashmir Policy: UJC

28 June 2009
Greater Kashmir

Muzaffarabad: The United Jehad Council today said the 4-point Kashmir resolution formula of the former Pakistan president Gen Parvez Musharraf was a non-serious move having no backing of the Kashmiri leadership. Ridiculing the latest remarks of Gen Musharraf that the Hurriyat Conference leadership never gave any concrete proposal on how to resolve Kashmir, the UJC spokesman Sayed Sadaqat Hussain in a statement said that instead of facilitating resolution of the issue, Musharraf’s diversionary policies caused immense damage to ‘the freedom movement’. “Succumbing to the US and Indian pressure, Musharraf made a U-turn on the Pakistan’s stated policy on Kashmir, immensely hurting the cause,” the statement said adding that by dishing out scribbled proclamations, Musharraf was now vainly trying to cover-up his failed Kashmir policy. “We want to make it clear that none of the Kashmiri leaders ever endorsed Musharraf’s four-point formula as claimed by him,” the statement said adding that even the government of India did not take it seriously. “By projecting his formula Musharraf did more harm than good to the Kashmir cause,” the spokesman said. The spokesman said Musharraf’s formula, instead of facilitating a solution, messed up the resolution process as everybody, in and outside Kashmir, interpreted the ‘imaginary blueprint’ in his own way. “The confusion created by Musharraf only facilitated dilution of Pakistan’s national policy on Kashmir,” he said and added his proposal only led to the fragmentation of the Kashmiri view point. The UJC spokesman reiterated that the Kashmir issue could be resolved only through the implementation of the UN resolutions on right to self-determination or through tripartite talks involving India, Pakistan and the genuine representatives of the Kashmiris. It is pertinent to mention that the latest comments made by Musharraf in an interview to a Pakistani news channel regarding lack of concrete proposals with Hurriyat Conference on Kashmir resolution were also echoed by the prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh recently. “We never got any proposal from Hurriyat,” Dr Singh told media persons on June 18 while travelling back from Russia after attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit there.