Omar Hails De-linking Dialogue From Terror

16 July 2009
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: The chief minister, Omar Abdullah, Thursday said the cordial meeting between the prime ministers of India and Pakistan had assumed historical import, as both the nations had agreed to de-link dialogue from terrorism. Omar welcomed the joint statement of the two premiers, saying the success of their meeting at Sharm-al Sheikh was a victory not only of his own stand but of billions of people of sub-continent who strongly believe in peace and abhor violence. The CM said in the past stray “incidents of terror” had delayed composite dialogue, like the Mumbai attack. He said agreement between the prime ministers to discuss all outstanding issues between the two countries was a positive development, which will lead “all of us towards an era of peace and tranquility and defeat forces having vested interest in violence.” Omar said that the success of their meeting lies in the fact that both have agreed to work for creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence and promote regional cooperation. “We were waiting for this agreement for long as it will silence forces inimical to peace,” he said, appealing people of the state to gear themselves up “for golden chapter of peace, development and mutual cooperation.” Omar reiterated that dialogue was the only way to resolve all outstanding issues, and agreement between the two premiers has strengthened this belief further. The chief minister said that everybody was conscious of the fact that both the countries and Jammu and Kashmir in particular had suffered due to their bickering. “Our economy has collapsed during the past two decades and we are struggling hard to revive the same so that the development of the state is ensured,” he said. It is a positive development that the two premiers have stressed on development and elimination of poverty.