Sharm Al Sheikh Disappoints People Of J-K: Mufti

17 July 2009
Etalaat News Service

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has said the Sharm Al Sheikh joint statement represents an inadequate response to South Asia’s festering problems that have adversely affected all aspects of life in the region, especially Jammu and Kashmir. Expressing concern at the omission of Jammu and Kashmir from the joint declaration and ambiguity about resumption of a composite dialogue he said this has caused understandable disappointment among the people of the state who looked up to the summit with considerable hope. In a statement issued here today Mufti said pushing of the dialogue process into the cold storage not only dampens the prospects of a lasting peace but would even dent the oft repeated vision of the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh of a new, peaceful and prosperous South Asia. He said the people of Jammu and Kashmir had invested too much in the peace process to see it getting derailed as a result of a skewed policy frame work pursued at the talks. Mufti Sayeed said while it was a positive development that the two sides had agreed on measures to fight the menace of terrorism together it was not the only aspect of the Indo Pak relations that had by their very nature of hostility and acrimony brought disaster to lives of millions in the subcontinent. The efforts to redefine these relations by the leadership of two countries to usher in an era of understanding and reconciliation would fall way short of the required impetus in absence of a composite dialogue that would address all issues including Kashmir, he added. Mufti said Jammu and Kashmir could after the historic initiative taken by the people of the state through democratic and peaceful assertion of their rights emerge as a global model of reconciliation and resolution of conflicts. But, unfortunately the leadership of the two countries had ignored that initiative and instead once again sent out a signal that only terrorism could invite their attention and not peaceful means, he said and added that this could resurrect the feeling of despondency in the state that has suffered for decades as a result of decisions not taken by them. Referring to other dimensions of the Kashmir issue Mufti said government of India, it seemed had even pushed under carpet the proposed measures on the internal front. With no initiative to set the ball rolling on the recommendations of the Working Groups constituted by the prime minister the lack of interest now on the external front would convey a sense of total insensitivity which doesn’t bode well for any progress on achieving a lasting peace in the subcontinent.