Musharraf links peace to Kashmir

20 July 2009
The Daily Times

Islamabad: Former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf has branded the Kashmir issue “critical”, and called for the early resolution of the dispute for peace and prosperity in the region, reported a private TV channel on Monday. Addressing a seminar at the Committee House of British parliament in London, Musharraf said all Pashtuns were not Taliban, and there were several groups involved in the Afghan war. He said that the Taliban entered Pakistan through Afghanistan. Earlier, activists of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz were stopped from holding a protest and from entering the Committee House. The channel reported that Lord Nazir Ahmad was also stopped from participating in the seminar. But Lord Nazir forced his way into the room, and protested during Musharraf’s address. Police had to be called in to bring the situation under control. The channel reported that about three officials from the Pakistani High Commission were also in attendance during the address by the former president.