Sometimes politics has to be based on emotions: Omar tells HT

29 July 2009
The Hindustan Times
Arun Joshi

New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah spoke to Arun Joshi over phone from Srinagar a few hours after submitting his resignation to Governor N N Vohra. Excerpts: You seem to have reacted emotionally rather than politically by submitting your resignation I reacted in the way I know best. Sometimes, politics has to be based on emotions rather than cold political calculations. Why do you think the PDP levelled this charge against you at this point in time? They thought I am in love with my chair and would hang on to it and any reluctance to quit shown on my part would have given them ammunition that it was an admission of guilt. You had the option of taking on the Opposition. Why didn't you? Had these been charges of financial irregularities or any other charge, I would stand up and take them on. But in a charge of moral corruption, you are guilty unless proven innocent. I believe in myself. The facts will speak for themselves. Your act of quitting has put the seven-month government in a limbo Not at all. The government will continue to function... The budget is being prepared. I have a responsibility towards the people that I will fulfill. I will not let my people down. Will you attend the Assembly tomorrow? I will tell you tomorrow.