LoC-trade Hits Roadblock

5 August 2009
Greater Kashmir

New Delhi: The cross-LoC trade hit yet another roadblock today as traders from AJK boycotted the trade. According to the custodian officer for LoC trade at Salamabad, Uri, Muhammad Ashraf Wani, the AJK traders boycotted the trade, citing “hijack of the trade” by traders of Lahore. 'As per their statement, the consignments of Lahore traders exceed those of Kashmiris. They have also alleged that the Lahore goods are sent to the Valley in the name of Kashmir,' said Wani. 'They said the trade should be allowed to be conducted only by bona fide Kashmiri traders and not outsides,' he said. Besides, he said, in order to show unity with the traders from AJK, the traders from this side also boycotted the trade. 'Therefore, no trade was conducted today between the two parts of Kashmir,' Wani said. He said even as according to the new arrangements, only 25 vehicles ought to cross the LoC from each side in one session of trade, 40 truckloads from AJK traveled to Kashmir during the previous session. 'The AJK people conveyed to me that they were facing problems due to overload of trucks and wanted to streamline the trade in the next session. However, since today also the rush of trucks was quite huge, they went for strike,' he said. He said if the matter is not settled by the evening, the strike will continue tomorrow as well. [Greater Kashmir]