Pak Following 'dichotomous Policy' On Terror: Army Chief

10 August 2009
Times of India

New Delhi: Blasting Pakistan for following a 'dichotomous policy' in the fight against terrorism, the Army says there is again 'heightened activity' across the border to push as many militants into Jammu and Kashmir as possible before the onset of winter. 'I find it rather odd that Pakistan, on one hand, says it's fighting terror and is therefore moving troops (to its Afghan border). But on the other, it is perpetuating terror by sending in infiltrators into Kashmir,' said Army chief General Deepak Kapoor on Monday. 'I think they are following a dichotomous policy,' he said, pointing to the renewed spurt in militants trying to sneak across the Line of Control in J&K. The latest Multi-Agency Centre (MAC) assessment is that there are still 42 terror-training camps operational in Pakistan and PoK, with 'hundreds' of militants trained to infiltrate into India, as reported earlier. Moreover, there are over 600 terrorists 'still active' in J&K, with over 40% of them being of 'foreign origin'. 'Kashmir has never gone off Pakistan's agenda. They will use any and every opportunity to raise Kashmir, whenever they get a chance. So, I see the increase in infiltration in that context,' said Gen Kapoor. 'They find things have been quite peaceful in Kashmir. The Amarnath Yatra has passed off peacefully... Perhaps they don't wish for this prolonged peace and stability,' he said. 'Hence, one sees heightened activity, heightened attempts to try to get as many people in before the winters come, snow falls and passes close,' he said, adding the Pakistani Army's covert support to infiltrating militants could not be ruled out. 'The kind of sophisticated equipment used (by militants) during very heavy snowfall and the kind of communications which are available with them, the possibility of certain amount of support by the established institutions cannot be ruled out,' he said.