PDP accuses NC-led Govt of unleashing reign of terror

13 August 2009
The Daily Excelsior

Srinagar: Opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) today accused the ruling National Conference of unleashing a reign of terror in the State using the police as had been done by the Governments headed by the party since 1947. 'They (National Conference) cannot bear the voice of opposition in the State. It has been there wont to crush the opposition since 1947. They want to give an in Delhi that they are the only nationalists in Kashmir and rest are all anti-nationalists and terrorists,' PDP president Mehbooba Mufti told reporters here. Mehbooba said Police had done a wonderful job over the past 15 to 20 years in improving the situation in the State but the department was being used as a tool for political reprisal since the Omar Abdullah led Government came to power seven months ago. 'The phenomenon of unidentified gunmen, which took birth during the previous NC Government headed by Farooq Abdullah, has surfaced again since this Government has come to power. Now the unidentified gunmen have been unmasked and they are from police,' she alleged. Citing the attack allegedly by policemen on Yasir Reshi in Sumbal area few days ago, she claimed that it was carried out under the instructions from the very top of the establishment. 'Those who opened fire on Reshi have been identified as escort of a Deputy Superintendent of Police there. He must have been suspended by now if he is not under orders from top,' she added. The PDP president said she feared that leaders and cadres from her party would be eliminated and the blame thrown at the 'unidentified gunmen'. She said the ruling party was trying to push the PDP out of the mainstream politics by using suppressive measures. 'They want to push us out of mainstream and into separatism but we understand their tricks. We will work within the parameters of the democracy to realize the dream of self rule, revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act and withdrawal of troops from civilian areas,' she said. Mehbooba alleged that the DNA samples in the Shopian rape and murder case of two women were fudged at the behest of the top cop of the State. 'The fudging of the samples cannot be done by a SP or a constable. It has to be orders from the DGP and those on whose directions he acts,' she said. The PDP president reiterated that police and the Government were trying to hush up the Shopian case. 'Why was not the FIR registered for more than a week?' she asked Mehbooba launched a scathing attack on the DGP alleging he was allowing the department to be used as a tool for the repressive policies of the National Conference. Although Mehbooba indicted DGP of bungling the Shopian investigations, it has been reliably learnt from sources that the officer was not in the State at the time of commission of the crime. The sources said the DGP was on leave and returned only five days after the samples were collected and a case was registered within two days of him resuming the charge. Mehbooba also alleged that police, which was the trusted institution of the people during the worst days of turmoil in the State, was being criminalized. Mehbooba appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take note of the grave situation in the state and prevent it from reverting to state of turmoil. 'When militancy erupted in 1989 after the fiasco of 1987 elections, the youth were innocent and did not understand many things. Today, they are aware and if they take to arms again, it will have disastrous consequences,' she warned.