Militant Activities Brought Down Significantly: Vohra

14 August 2009
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: The governor, N N Vohra, has said that the militant activities have been brought down significantly and the state cannot afford to lower its guard and the gains of peace need to be further consolidated through developmental initiatives which are people-driven. Congratulating people of Jammu and Kashmir on the eve of Independence day, the governor said that notwithstanding the scars of militancy on the beautiful landscape of the state, the people deserve to be hailed for having boldly confronted the subversive and divisive forces. Referring to the vigorous participation of the people in the Assembly elections last year and in the Parliamentary elections thereafter, the governor said that this has demonstrated their deep commitment to the democratic process and, besides, a serious yearning for better governance, particularly in regard to the resolution of their day-to-day problems and prompt redressal of grievances. In a message on the Independence Day, he said that with an all time high annual plan allocation of Rs. 5500 crore for the current year, Rs 1200 crore under the Prime Minister’s Reconstruction Plan, and access to the Centrally Sponsored Schemes valuing about Rs 1900 crore, a most exciting opportunity has become available to propel the State to a much higher growth trajectory. Observing that peace was a pre-requisite for development, he added that sustained normalcy was imperative for efficient and time-bound implementation of projects. He said that the politics of divisiveness and negativism results in disrupting the growth process on all fronts, adding that it is, therefore, the foremost responsibility of the elected representatives of the people to engender a stable political environment which fosters communal harmony, peace and normalcy. “It is also equally important to ensure that the Legislature is able to meaningfully deal with its business, providing an orderly atmosphere for dispassionate and bipartisan discussions on important issues of governance,” he added. ”J&K is not a mere physical mixture of diverse geo-climatic zones inhabited by people belonging to varied ethnic groups. With its three distinct regions and several sub-regions, and the people who live in them, J&K is an integrated whole whose composite identity, which evolved over centuries past, must be preserved and protected.” He said that communal and regional harmony and the bonds of unity amongst the people of all the regions of the State must not be only maintained but further nurtured and strengthened. He appealed to each and every citizen of the State to be an active stakeholder in the task of deepening and widening the process of harmonization and synthesis through mutual respect and accommodation for each other’s sensitivities, concerns and beliefs.