LeT Issues Diktat Against Watching TV In J&K

18 August 2009
Times of India

New Delhi: The Lashkar-e-Taiba has enforced a new diktat in parts of Jammu and Kashmir; 'Do not watch television.' Taking a cue from the Taliban, the Lashkar terrorists operating in Banihal heights have imposed a ban on watching TV- terming it an 'unislamic' activity. Bearing witness to this fact are the marks on Gulam Nabi's back and legs. The marks are a constant reminder of how the LeT men beat him up for watching TV. 'Unidentified gunmen barged into my house. They broke my TV set and thrashed me,' said Ghulam Nabi. In true Taliban style, the terrorists made sure that no one dare to switch on a television again. When asked about the LeT's newest diktat a villager said, 'Six militants barged into our house. Three of them broke my TV and another three hit me.' Lashkar militants have warned villagers of dire consequences if they do not stop watching television. In a recently issued diktat, they have described the 'idiot box' as an epicentre of all problems and blame the same for impregnating evil thoughts in the mind of villagers. In addition to resorting to violence, the Lashkar men also pasted a pamphlet on the boundary wall of a mosque. 'They say watching TV is a sin. But I ask Muslims all over the world to watch TV. We have not done anything wrong or committed any crime,' a villager said. Security forces in the area describe the Lashkar's newest act as one of frustration and desperation. IG of Jammu, Ashok Gupta said, 'These days the television is a very powerful medium which is exposing their lies. So why would they allow it. It is an act of sheer frustration on their part.' But what the LeT does not realise is that their imposition is only causing anger. When asked about the Taliban's actions, a villager said, 'Breaking televisions sets and beating up elderly people is not a part of Jihad.' This is evidence enough that the people clearly do not want another Taliban state.