Two Killed In Continuing Jammu And Kashmir Operation

26 August 2009

Jammu: A soldier and a villager were killed on Wednesday by security personnel in an operation against militants that had started the day before in Jammu and Kashmir's mountainous Reasi district. In the initial assault on the militant hideout in Hajjin in Reasi's Mahore area, about 150 km from Jammu, a militant was killed on Tuesday morning. The exchange of bullets continued through the day and militants redoubled fire, police said, killing a villager and a soldier. 'Militants are taking advantage of the heights and forests,' a police official, adding that the gunfight continued. A joint team of the Indian Army and the state police is carrying out the operation. This is the fourth major operation in Mahore in the past fortnight. Earlier, security forces killed eight militants in three different operations on August 10, 14 and 17 in the same area. The area, which has many caves, offers hiding places to militants.