Kashmir trade at Rs3.55 crore in two days

27 August 2009
The News International

MIRPUR: Intra-Kashmir trade worth Rs3.55 crore took place through Chakan-Da-Bagh-Taitrinote entry point on weekly Poonch-Rawlakot trans-LoC route during the last two days getting impetus gradually, said a report here on Thursday from across the line of control. After going down below Rs2 crore one and a half months back, the trade has started picking up again during the past few weeks, the report revealed. While the cross-LoC trade on Tuesday stood at Rs1.75 crore, it was worth Rs1.80 crore on Wednesday, the report said. A total of 32 trucks late on Wednesday exchanged sides at Chakan-Da-Bagh-Taitrinote cross-LoC point between Indian occupied Kashmir and Azad Jammu Kashmir. Seventeen trucks reached AJK from occupied Poonch. The number of trucks reaching Poonch from AJK was 15. Coconut, kernil, onion, brown cardamom and Kashmiri shawls were the major items supplied to AJK by the traders of occupied Poonch and Jammu on Wednesday. Dal moong was the only item traded from AJK to the traders of the Indian occupied state. All 15 trucks, which reached Poonch from AJK, were only carrying dal moong, which had a high demand among the traders in occupied Kashmir due to heavy variations in prices. As reported, dal moong is being supplied to occupied Kashmir at about Rs26 per kg by the traders from AJK while it is being sold in the market in the occupied state at Rs55 to Rs60 per kg, the report said. The tradeable items that reached AJK from occupied Kashmir on Wednesday were valued at Rs85.44 lakh while the items supplied to occupied Kashmir were worth Rs94.12 lakh, the report added.