UJC Thanks China On Visa Policy Vis-à-vis Kashmir

2 October 2009
Greater Kashmir

New Delhi: United Jihad Council has welcomed the China’s new visa policy on Jammu and Kashmir. Felicitating the government and people of China on its 60th anniversary, the UJC spokesman Sadaqat Hussain, in a statement faxed today from AJK, said “China being the largest power in the region had an important role to play in getting restored its (region’s) people their fundamental rights.” “China’s policy to issue visas to people of Jammu Kashmir as Kashmiris and not as Indian citizens is a realistic step. It is really encouraging for the people of Jammu Kashmir and will reinforce their freedom struggle,” said Sadaqat, adding that “This just decision of China makes amply clear to the world that it (China) does not recognize Jammu Kashmir as part of India but as a disputed territory, thereby drawing the attention of world community to the resolution of Kashmir issue.” The UJC spokesman said China’s policy on issuance of visas to Kashmiris had highlighted the Kashmir issue at international level in its right and real perspective. He urged all the countries to adopt the same realistic policy vis-à-vis Kashmir as that of China to help resolve Kashmir issue. The spokesman, on behalf of whole militant leadership, thanked China for its support to Kashmiris’ cause of freedom and hoped that the world community would adopt the same policy for abiding peace and security in the region.