US May Appoint Special Envoy On Kashmir

11 October 2009
Pakistan Observer

Islamabad: The United States of America may appoint soon her special envoy on Kashmir on the pattern of recently named OIC envoy on Kashmir, Pakistan Observer learnt here Saturday evening. In its early days of the dispute in 1948 USA has been the champion of the Kashmir cause in the UN Security Council drafting the first UNSC resolution on Kashmir. The 57-States OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) in its September 29 session of the Foreign Ministers in UN headquarters in New York had appointed a Saudi Arabian dignitary Mr Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al-Bakr as special envoy on Kashmir. The OIC Secretary General Prof Ihsanoglu had later commented that the OIC envoy on Kashmir would try to “bridge gaps between Pakistan and India”, a remark sparking fresh optimism on crucial dispute of Kashmir. Al-Bakr replaces ambassador Ezzet Kamil Mufti who has been OIC envoy on Kashmir for over three years. Mufti, an Egyptian, is also Assistant Secretary General of the Jeddah-based OIC. Whatever may be the ultimate opening vision, the fact of history remains that unless the bloody tangle of Kashmir is solved to the satisfaction of Kashmiri aspirations, enviable peace in South Asia would remain an unmet dream. Kashmiris in their ongoing peaceful struggle have UN mandate as inspiration which promises them international plebiscite to decide their future destiny. Kashmir also has a core position in the Composite Dialogue process, presently stalled, between Pakistan and India. Unsolved Kashmir is the indigestible bone in the stomach of South Asian milieu. On the regional level indications are available that New Delhi is re-framing her mindset to have talks with Kashmiri representatives, APHC and others.