Terrorists Luring Doctors For Jehad

13 October 2009
Times Nows

Not Specified: Terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Hizbul Mujahideen have started luring young doctors and medical technicians from Jammu and Kashmir into their ‘jehad’. The idea behind raising this Medical Corps of jehadi doctors is to cater to any medical emergency that may arise in a gun-battle with security forces. TIMES NOW’s Correspondent Pradeep Dutta reported that young Kashmiri doctors are being indoctrinated to ‘jehad’ by various outfits like the LeT and the Hizbul Mujahideen. Beside getting engaged in guerilla warfare their job is to tend to the injured associates during fire-fight with security forces. One such case is that of Mudaddir Shah, who is trained in Ayurvedic medicine and is plying his trade in the Lashkar ranks. He was reportedly killed in an encounter just last week in J&K. Peer Bashir Ahmed, Mudassir’s father said, “It was only when the army searched our home that I came to know about his involvement. I asked him, 'What have you done?' He replied, 'Abba, I did what I really wanted.' Mudassir Shah is not alone. 23-year-old Samreena, a dental student also joined the Lashkar and her role was to procure SIM cards and transport arms in the state. Then there is Nazir Ahmad, who is the LeT’s emergency surgeon. His forte was reportedly to heal bullet injuries suffered by the terrorists in gunbattles with security forces. However, the police say that all these doctors are not fully qualified. BA Khan, SP< Awantipur said, “Whoever is involved is not qualified, they have not completed their course.” Security forces may downplay the importance of these Jehadi doctors, who help terrorists to come back for more. But for our soldiers the task of guarding the borders is clearly cut out.