Mushahid Criticizes PPP Government‘s Political Interference In Azad Kashmir

18 October 2009
International News Network

Islamabad: Secretary General of the Pakistan Muslim League, Mushahid Hussain Sayed has strongly criticized the PPP regime in Islamabad for its efforts at political manipulation in Azad Kashmir. In a statement issued here on Sunday, Mushahid Hussain said that within a year, the PPP regime has been instrumental in removing two Prime Ministers in Azad Kashmir, thereby belying its tall claims of being a proponent of democratic values. In its quest for total power, the PPP regime in Islamabad was seeking to control Azad Kashmir. He alleged that the PPP regime was also involved in horse trading of elected members of the Azad Kashmir Assembly with a view to cobble an artificial majority. Mushahid Hussain said it was very regrettable that the PPP regime had not learnt any lesson from history and it has repeating its own mistakes in the past in its quest for total control by turning a minority into a majority. He said it was all the most serious because Azad Kashmir symbolized the freedom of Kashmir as opposed to the Indian occupation in occupied Kashmir. He said that such manipulation and underhand tactics would weaken and undermine Pakistan‘s case on Kashmir and the world would then perceive Azad Kashmir as a pawn of the government in Islamabad rather than as an exemplary model and an alternate to occupied Kashmir. Mushahid Hussain urged the PPP regime not to have double standards on this issue and if it expected others to respect its mandate, then the PPP regime too should respect the mandate in Azad Kashmir and not use state power of manipulating Azad Kashmir politics.