LoC Trade Completes One Year; Banking Facility Yet To Begin

21 October 2009
Zee News

Srinagar: Cross-LoC trade completed a year on Wednesday but the business between Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kasmir (POK) continues to be conducted by barter in the absence of banking and communication facilities. At a function arranged to mark the first anniversary of the cross-border trade, State Industries and Commerce Minister S S Slathia said a Rs 40-crore project was approved for providing better facilities at the trading centre. He said about ten acres of land was identified for expanding the centre. The function was organised at Salamabad-Uri, 100 kms from here. In the absence of banking and communication facilities, it was traders' enthusiasm that keeps the trade going. 'What keeps the trade going despite many odds was traders' dedication and enthusiasm,' a spokesman of a traders group said. The trade between two parts of divided Kashmir started on October 21 last year. A total of 123 consignments had crossed the LoC through Srinagar-Muzaffrabad road since the launch of trade. The spokesman said 190 traders were engaged in trading activities.