MC Re-launched To Espouse Rights Of Jammu People

22 October 2009
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Stating that the Jammu region is integral part of the freedom movement, All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference (Ghulam Abbass faction) was re-launched on Wednesday here for “espousing the cause” of people in Jammu region. Addressing a press conference here in Srinagar, party president, Qazi Irshad said, “India is trying to create a notion that Jammu people are not with the freedom movement which is a blatant lie. We have sacrificed right from 1931 and before that as well. MC has been started to address the problems of Jammu Muslims and also espouse the cause of freedom for the region.” Qazi said that MC will regroup Muslims of Jammu and strive for their rights. According to a statement, Muslim Conference will work on three basic principles of Islam, Freedom and Unity of the Ummah. However, Qazi said that the MC will also welcome the non-Muslim brethren who want to strengthen the movement. “Muslim Conference believes in peaceful and democratic way to strive for achieving the right to self-determination. Soon a pro- freedom unity group of non-Muslims will be formed in which Hindus, Sikhs and others will be important part,” said Qazi. Muslim Conference was started in 1931 and Chowdhary Ghulam Abbas was one of its leaders from Jammu region. However, in 1938 it was changed into National Conference. Later Chowdhary Ghulam Abbas was forcibly made to migrate to Pakistan administered Kashmir in 1947. “At least 2.5 lakh Muslims from Jammu to Poonch were murdered and more than 15 lakh forcibly migrated from Jammu. Our demography was changed and today also we are living under the continuous threat of Hindu extremists of RSS, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Village Defence Committees,” said Irshad. “India has to accept our right to self-determination. We are becoming scapegoats of conspiracies of the opposition. Muslims are being divided in the name of moderates and extremists, regions and castes, Paharis and Gujjars so that we cannot raise voice for our rights,” the MC president said. According to a party statement, Muslim Conference will also come up with a road map stating. “Trilateral unity between the leadership of Pakistan administered Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir. India must read the writing on the wall and resolve the issue,” the statement said. About the already existing Muslim Conference, Qazi said, “We will be working in Jammu and will not interfere in their work,” adding “We will be supporting and helping the group in future that has credibility and public support.” With Muslim Conference, Chowdhary Ghulam Abass Foundation will also be formed. Party senior members and organizers Muhammad Hanief Kalas and Muhammad Umer Inquilabi were also present on the occasion.