Taliban Defaming Islam: Geelani

24 October 2009
South Asia News Agency

Shopian: The Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has blamed Pakistan government for instability in the country. He accused Taliban of defaming Islam and asked them to give up violence. “In no way does Islam allow the killing of innocents and what Taliban is doing in Pakistan is condemnable,” Geelani said while addressing a gathering in this south Kashmir town. He asked the Taliban to present the true picture of Islam saying, “ They (Taliban) are portraying Islam in a poor light and are defaming it. I advise them to give up violence and bring Islamic revolution in the country by adopting peaceful means.” He also blamed the successive Pakistan governments for the instability in the country. He urged the establishment not to resort to violent means to eliminate their own Muslim brethren and instead hold negotiations with them. “Those who are ready to lay the arms should be assimilated,” he added. “We share religious and emotional bonds with Pakistan. Our heart bleeds when we see innocent people being killed there,” the veteran leader said. “People of Pakistan have always supported our cause and we stand by them in these tough times.” Referring to the recent buzz about New Delhi planning to invite pro-freedom leaders for a dialogue he said, “We are not against talks but we cannot hold any parleys till India accepts Jammu and Kashmir as a disputed territory and stops claiming that JK is its integral part.” Geelani urged the people to remain firm on their resolve at this critical juncture. “Right to self determination is our basic right and no power in the world can stop us from fighting for our cause. People have offered invaluable sacrifices and we won’t let them go in a vain.” Geelani said that when he mentioned Kashmir it included the whole Jammu and Kashmir. “We assure non-Muslims that they will be secure with their Muslim brethren and their culture won’t be imbibed and their religious places would be safeguarded. We are for Islamic state with complete communal harmony,” he added. The veteran leader hailed China for making its stand clear on Kashmir. “Due to the sacrifices rendered by Kashmiris and peaceful protests staged by them, the international community is now openly advocating our cause,” he added. China, he said had always stood for resolving the Kashmir issue according to the aspirations of Kashmiris. Recalling his conversation with former Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf, Geelani said, “He Musharraf wanted to make a sell out of Kashmir and when he called me to discuss his four point formula, I out rightly rejected it. I categorically told him that we cannot betray our martyrs.” Geelani said that he had also advised Musharraf not to use force against Taliban and their sympathizers and instead negotiate with them, but he didn’t pay heed to it. Geelani, paid rich tributes to Asiya and Neelofar raped and murdered here on May 30 this year, blamed the state government for the cover up. He said it was evident that security agencies were involved in the gruesome act and the investigating agencies instead of exposing the culprits shielded them. “Now it is the litmus test for CBI, presently investigating the case, to unravel the truth,” he said. Saluting the people of Shopian and the Majlis-I-Mushawarat for their determination he said,” The people of Shopian have shown the way.” He cited the same reason for starting the agitation against the land occupation by the troopers from this place. “The occupation is the root cause of all the problems here including the loot of forest wealth and depletion of other natural resources,” said Geelani adding that our future generations will curse us if we don’t rise to the occasion now. He accused the government of turning Kashmir into police state and said that even the court directions were not followed here. Geelani also urged the people to boycott the upcoming Panchayat elections and said that he would run a campaign against it. “Any election held under the auspices of Indian constitution will never be acceptable to us,” he said. Geelani called for Varmul chalo on October 30 and urged the people to make it a success. “Varmul Chalo is a part of our district wise protest programme against the occupation if land by troopers,” he added. Expressing concern over the growing social evils in the society Geelani said, “Our youth are being pushed towards moral waywardness, drug addiction and other evils. We’ve to come forward and stop them from losing the track,” he added. As soon as he wrapped up the proceedings people in large numbers followed his cavalcade. He was accompanied by his associates, including Peer Saifullah, General Moosa, and the members of the Majlis-I-Mushawarat. Geelani later visited the house of Neelofar and Asiya and expressed solidarity with their family members. Pertinently, it was the first time since the last years uprising that Geelani addressed a major public gathering. Since then he has either remained under house arrest or in jail. Geelani was also prevented from visiting Shopian after the double rape and murder. He had gone into a hiding on Wednesday to ensure that government doesn’t foil his attempt to reach Shopian.