ANC Launches Preparations For Intra-Kashmir Conference

2 November 2009
South Asian News Agency

Srinagar: Awami National Conference (ANC) has formally launched the preparations of holding of the Intra-Kashmir conference sessions in J&K and PAK. The announcement was made by Mohammed Muzaffar Shah senior vice president of ANC at a press conference here. He added that his party president Begum Khalida Shah has given approval for the launching of the preparations for holding the sessions. “The intra-Kashmir conference sessions will be held in Srinagar, Jammu, Ladakh, Gilgit and Muzaffarabad,” Muzaffar said. The press conference was held after the return of Muzaffar from London Intra Conference. “I am thankful to all the participants of the recently held Intra Kashmir Conference at the House of Lords in London for reposing faith in the vision and concept laid down by our founder and beloved leader G. M. Shah to convene intra Kashmir dialogue of the civil society in all the five regions of J&K State,” he said. Muzaffar added that his party is sure that the civil society and the political leadership will respond positively from both sides of the LoC to make this indigenous effort a grand success. “As principal sufferers of the Kashmir problem, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are taking the initiative in their own hands to debate and thrash out a solution and bring it to its logical conclusion. Unfortunately 62 years of dialogue, declarations, agreements and wars between our two nations of India and Pakistan have not yielded any results. People of Jammu and Kashmir will now show the way,” he said. According to him it is not only the ANC that will organize this historic dialogue of the civil society. “We expect this to be an exercise conducted by all organizations looking for the solution to the Kashmir issue. In this regard a broad based organizing committee comprising of persons drawn from various political organizations from both sides of the LoC is being constituted to ensure a resounding success of this exercise. For this purpose our party president Begum Khalida Shah has written to all major political parties and members of the civil society at large to give their fullest support and cooperation for this noble and uphill task,” Muzaffar said. He observed that a beginning has to be made and ANC is starting it right now. “A team of our party functionaries headed by myself will start calling on the leadership and members of the civil society with immediate effect,” ANC senior vice president said. He stated that he expected both the governments of India and Pakistan to facilitate this people to people dialogue initiated by the civil society itself. “Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s announcement in Srinagar the other day of : Meaningful Exercise by meaningful people and meaningful Groups is welcome for a Political and Economic solution of J & K State: is hereby being responded. People of Jammu and Kashmir look forward to all facilitation by Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government to be provided for smooth conduct of this meaningful exercise which will suggest a solution to the burning Kashmir issue,” Muzaffar said.