Mirwaiz Rejects Bilateral Talks

11 November 2009
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: The Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Wednesday called for triangular engagement between Kashmir, India and Pakistan to pave the way for tripartite talks to resolve the Kashmir issue. Rejecting bilateral talks as a means, he said such exercises had failed in the past and would have no relevance in future as well. Addressing a public gathering in the main chowk at Doda on his maiden visit to the district this afternoon, Mirwaiz said the triangular engagement should be between Kashmir and India; Kashmir and Pakistan and India and Pakistan, which should culminate into tripartite talks between India, Pakistan and Kashmiri people. Mirwaiz said the Hurriyat Conference was ready for dialogue with the government of India within the framework of the right to self determination. The vexed dispute, hanging fire since 1947, can be resolved only through this process. “The 6-point proposal we have sent to the government of India can form the basis for the dialogue,” he said. “We are on a strong wicket and our case is just. We can present our case at any world forum with full confidence,” Mirwaiz said, adding Kashmir was not an issue of transfer of power, privileges or economic packages but political in nature which could be resolved only politically. Mirwaiz urged the people from different regions to join the ongoing freedom struggle, asserting that it was not a communal or regional movement. “Don’t consider Hurriyat Conference anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim or against any other religion. Our movement is for resolution of the political problem of Kashmir and we are not pressing for any religious solution. Solution is only possible keeping in view the sacrifices of people from all regions of the state,” he said. “We remember the sacrifices offered by the people of Jammu, Doda, Kishtwar, Poonch and Rajouri and there is no question of dividing the state on regional or communal lines. We are incomplete without you and you are incomplete without us,” he said. Mirwaiz, who offered fateh at the martyr’s graveyard and delivered a sermon in the local Jamia Masjid on social evils, said the Hurriyat Conference favored return of Pandits to the valley. However, he urged the people from other regions to join the movement. “Don’t look towards Delhi but towards your brethren in Kashmir. We shall not allow any kind of communal hatred in the state.” He said it was high time for all the people to come together for demanding resolution of the Kashmir issue and the Hurriyat Conference was working to evolve consensus among all the regions of the state. “No doubt we are late but we have been busy with our own problems in Kashmir. This is just the beginning and we will visit again.” He said the reason for his visit to the region was the upcoming visit to Pakistan. “It is up to you to decide whether or not we should go to Pakistan because we will be going there as representatives of Kashmir. I attended the meeting of Organization of Islamic Countries as a representative of people’s sentiment which is same everywhere,” he said. Mirwaiz appreciated the people of Doda for their participation in the agitation over the Amarnath land row last year. “It was clear message by people of all the regions that we are united.”