US To Make Sure Pak Smashes Terror Camps

26 November 2009
The Daily Excelsior

Washington DC: The US today said it was 'doing everything' to make sure that Pakistan smashes terror groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba and denies them safe havens, as India remembered 183 people who fell to terrorists’ bullets in attacks on Mumbai exactly a year ago. US National Security Adviser Gen (retd) James Jones said it was in Pakistan’s self-interest to take on all kinds of terrorist organisations and if it did so, it would get international support and much more economic assistance. 'I can assure you that we have made our position very clear (to Pakistan). We continue to have daily interaction (with Pakistan), we are doing everything, we can to encourage them to disarm all of them because I said it is in their own interest,' Jones said in an interview. 'There is no question that the so-called safe havens in Pakistan are deeply troubling our efforts,' he said. The National Security Adviser said President Barack Obama feels deeply about the Mumbai attacks and there was a 'common cause' between the two countries on the issue. He said terrorism in any form is not acceptable and India and the US would work closely to reduce that threat. Jones has just returned from Pakistan where he delivered a message from the Obama administration asking Islamabad to step up pressure and reorient its fight against Taliban and Al-Qaeda. 'We believe that it is in Pakistan’s self-interest that they take on all terrorist organisations they know are existing and they know where they are existing within their borders. 'And if they do that, they will find tremendous international support, much more economic assistance and they will be a safer country as a result of this and the region will be better,' Jones said. He was responding when pointed out that Pakistan was selective in fight against terrorism as it was taking on Taliban and turning a blind eye to existence of groups like LeT and Jaish-e-Mohammad. 'We all have an interest in this to make sure that Pakistan does the right thing and we will be working hard to collaboratively assist them,' the US official said. He said the US understands India’s concerns when asked to comment on New Delhi’s disappointment over inaction by Pakistan in the Mumbai attacks, with mastermind Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed remaining untouched by Pakistani authorities even a year after the assaults.