People In J&K Don’t Expect Moon But Concerned For Basic Fundamental Amenities

28 November 2009
Ground Report
Vijay Kumar

Srinagar: J&K Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah said that people in Jammu and Kashmir don’t expect moon but are basically concerned for fundamental amenities of bijli, sadak, pani, sehat and taleem (power, road, water, health and education) and our endeavor is to pull them out of the uncertainty on these fronts into the new hope of satisfaction and improvement in the quality of life. Addressing a conference on the theme “lead from uncertainty to certainty” organized by National Human Resource Development Net Work in collaboration with Harward Business School at Nehru Centre at Mumbai, Omar said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir want us to deliver. “ “If their children go to school, they should have a teacher, if they visit a health centre, they should have a doctor a nurse and medicare facility, when they switch on the bulb there should be light, when they turn on the tapes the water should run and when they travel on roads these should be befitting”, he said adding that these are the main fundamentals for my people and I am here to talk about this aspect instead of discussing global uncertainty. “Just day-to-day living is an uncertainty for us in J&K and our endeavor is to remove this once for all”, he added. Omar “we look at Mumbai with a lot of hope and admiration. The city shows a sprit we want to imbibe and march ahead towards the destination of permanent peace and progress. The sprit to get up and start all over without fearing are getting defeated. Omar said for far too long Jammu and Kashmir has been a place you read about in newspapers in two- categories- too dangerous a place to visit or a place to holiday. “It takes two hands to clap. There is no effort to integrate and time has come when the rest of India has to re-engage Jammu and Kashmir on social and economic front not only just political engagement”, he asserted adding that the level of engagement is not visible. “I have not come with a begging bowl. I am mentioning this as food for thought. I am here hoping some of you may come and invest. The investors in the past have come because of only special economic package. In 9 out of 10 cases, they move in, move out and the commitment is lost. Your commitment will help me and my colleagues remove traces of uncertainty. We can move towards a certain future. It is not just something that benefits the people of Jammu and Kashmir; it benefits the country as a whole”, he said adding that his endeavour is to give a little more sense of security and certainty on this front. “I can guarantee you will have a great time. I have a great convention centre, amazing sites of pilgrimage and abundance of natural beauty”‘, he added. Omar said “recently I had the opportunity to retrace the steps of Mughal empire who traveled from the plains into Kashmir over 400 years ago. This road is dotted with little places of historic importance. If you just take the opportunity you may find the very warm welcome from the people waiting for you.” The Political Advisor to Chief Minister, Davinder Singh Rana, Business leader like Anand Mehandra, Vice Chairman and MD of Mehandra and Mehandra, thought leaders like Dr. Prasad Kaipa, eminent historians, Dr. R. C. Guha, deans of IIM, Kolkatta and Indian School of Hyderabad were present amongst over a thousand eminent scholars, academicians, business leaders etc. The participants gave standing ovation to the Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah when he entered the conference hall. They extended their full support to the endeavours of Chief Minister for putting the State on road to development and progress. In another function at Mumbai,Addressing the Mumbai conference of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) at Taj Palace here, Omar told the participant CEOs of YPO to play their role in encouraging integrated industrialization in Jammu and Kashmir by being its integral part. “Young Industrialists should take lead in venturing in Jammu and Kashmir in a big way”, he said, adding, “You will find here fertile soil, talented youth, hospitable public and beneficial trade and transaction”. Omar said there has been lot of improvement in the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and atmosphere is more than conducive for investing, especially, in the Kashmir valley. He said State promises greater potential in the sectors of agriculture, floriculture, horticulture, food processing, software technology, health, education, IT and Science and Technology. “Our tourism and power generation sectors are most promising. Our educated young people are outstanding, intelligent and innovative, while unskilled force hardworking”, he said, adding that the presence of talented J&K youth in any establishment and venture promises its success. Omar said present age is the age of youth and their role has been globally recognized imperative for socio-economic change and all round betterment of the society. The State Government, while focusing on human resource development, also lays stress on upgradation of employability by strengthening and renovating education sector. “We are encouraging and nurturing small, micro and medium entrepreneurship (SMME) sector in the State in a big way to achieve the twin objectives of economic growth and job opportunities for young people”, he said asking YPO to extend their support to the State in this endeavour. He assured hundred percent help from the Government in this regard.