New Map Expose Pakistani Designs On Kashmir

29 November 2009 World News
Dr Shabir Choudhry

New Delhi: While talking to some Kashmiris in London, Sardar Shaukat Kashmiri told us a story that on the day of Hashim Qureshi’s wedding in Rawalpindi a famous writer and leader Dada Amir Haider was also present (he was the first Asian who had honour of meeting Lenin and was close associate of Nehru, Gandhi and Ghafar Khan). During discussion on politics of Pakistan and Kashmir Dada Amir Haider said: If Pakistan remains of only one province and even if that is on fire there will be still some ‘idiot Kashmiris’ who will say we want to be part of this land which is on fire. His message was that nationalist Kashmiris should ignore these ‘idiots’ who do not care for welfare of their own people and unity of their country; and are more concerned about welfare and future of Pakistan. This policy is illogical and illustrates flattering nature of the people concerned. Who would in his right mind appreciate actions of this man who ignores responsibilities to his own parents, and expresses love and care for his neighbour? That is not because they love Pakistan but because they cannot think for themselves and they are infatuated with love of Islam. They think we (Kashmiris) must express love for Pakistan because Pakistan was set up in name of Islam, no matter what is happening in that Pakistan and what is geography of that land of pure. Furthermore this flattering but illogical attitude makes them darling of Islamabad which showers them with rewards. It is these sentiments which Pakistan has successfully exploited since 1947. On Jammu and Kashmir both India and Pakistan had same policy and that was to make the State part of their country. Both countries had different reasons for doing this; and both adopted different strategies. Jammu and Kashmir had a Muslim majority and India claimed that inclusion of the State with India would strengthen their secular ideals; Pakistan on the other hand claimed that inclusion of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan would strengthen Islamic ideals. Furthermore they wrongly thought that the State should have been ‘awarded’ to Pakistan even though the Two Nations Theory – a formula devised to divide the British India did not apply to Jammu and Kashmir and other Princely States. Pakistani officials relied on their use of arms and exploitation of Islamic sentiments; and despite the Standstill Agreement they managed a tribal invasion and stabbed the Maharaja government in the back and inadvertently paved way for accession to India, which was accepted provisionally. This naked aggression resulted in killing and suffering of innocent Kashmiri people and subsequently led to the division of the State. Tragedy is that even that aggression was presented to us Kashmiris as a Jihad which was carried out to help the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Unfortunately many Kashmiris still regard that as true; and Pakistani officials have still not abandoned their policy of ‘liberating’ Jammu and Kashmir through jihad. What happened in Jammu and Kashmir in name of ‘Jihad’ is a tragic story. Once again Pakistani policy makers relied on use of arms and used a ‘proxy war’ and ‘terrorism’ to advance their interests in the region. It is, however, true that Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism; but is it not also true that all these groups who are out of control and fighting Pakistan were created, trained and funded by Pakistani agencies? Should we feel pity that Frankenstein’s monster disobeyed his creator? There is an ideological conflict between Pakistani agencies and these jihadi groups. Whereas terrorist groups do not understand complexities of diplomacy and are groomed from childhood with one agenda – to wage jihad; Pakistani state apparatus are accountable for their actions to those who fund them. They have to demonstrate that they have changed their policy of training and funding of terrorists. This is partially true. Those who are challenging the writ of government and are not prepared to understand compulsions of the government of Pakistan will face wrath of Pakistan, but ‘good boys’ who are still prepared to continue jihad in Kashmir and Afghanistan are still adored and supported. What is happening in Pakistan is a direct result of policies of Pakistani agencies. Their wrong policies of the past are here to haunt them and make them appear victims. Despite all these problems, their obsession to get Kashmir or at least make it unstable is not affected by internal problems. They have come out with true colours with their policy on Gilgit Baltistan. They have annexed this territory in name of new package and ‘empowering people’. But despite this illegal occupation, their puppets are trying to defend this colonialism disguised in new package. Some area of the State was occupied by Pakistan in disguise of Jihad in 1947; now it is annexed in disguise of ‘empowering people’ to pave division of the State. Yet some puppets are still saying we want to become part of Pakistan, even though some areas which are constituent part of Pakistan no longer want to be part of that country. Wasn’t Dada Amir Haider right when he said: If Pakistan remains of only one province and even if that is on fire there will be still some ‘idiot Kashmiris’ who would say we want to be part of this land which is on fire? I have no doubt that there will always be some who will support State of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan; others will support accession to India and some will even prefer the status quo. Majority, however, wish to see their State united and independent, whether it is possible or not under the prevailing situation. Those people, who still think that the government of Pakistan is sincere with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and that their sole aim is to help people to get independence, need to view a map produced by Foreign Office of Pakistan. Just click the link for this map provided below, and please tell me where is the territory known as Azad Kashmir. A similar map was produced about three years ago and after our (we were part of one group of JKLF at that time) strong protest it was removed by saying that it was a mistake. One can make the following observations from this map: 1. POK or AJK, as it is known, does not show up as a separate territory but part of Jammu Kashmir (disputed territory); 1. Does that mean Pakistani Foreign Office regard Azad Jammu Kashmir as disputed? 1. Gilgit is shown part of Pakistan and not Jammu and Kashmir; 1. Baltistan is shown part of Jammu and Kashmir (disputed territory); 1. Does that mean Pakistani Foreign Office regard Baltistan as disputed? 1. Akasi chin is not shown at all; 1. Does that mean Pakistan considers Aksai chin is occupied by China, but the territory belongs to Jammu and Kashmir? I am sure people will be able to pick out more points from this map, but important thing is that we people of Jammu and Kashmir need to protest now and not when the final hammer falls down. Writer is a Spokesman of Kashmir National Party, political analyst and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir Affairs. Email: