Militants Not In My Control: Geelani

7 December 2009
South Asian News Service

Srinagar: Senior Hurriyat Conference leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani the other day has said he will not stop talking truth as some persons dislike it. Addressing a public meeting at Parimpora Fruit Mandi here he said “militants are not under his control and that they do not act as per his directions.” It may be recalled here that Hurriyat (M) had alleged the other day that some leaders were making provocative statements and those were leading to the killing of other leaders. Geelani said making a statement in favour of right of self determination or troop withdrawal is not a provocative act. “I am talking about justice as right of self determination is the right of Kashmiris. If my statement is disliked by somebody I have nothing to do with that,” he added. The Hurriyat (G) chairman observed that he has never issued provocative statement against India or any person. “Since I talk about justice, I will not stop doing so because my statements are disliked by some people,” he said. Geelani said the ongoing movement is peaceful and that no militant group is under his control. “They do not take directions from me for their actions,” he said. About the talks, he said it is very evident that bilateral talks have neither succeeded in past nor would those succeed now. “Such type of dialogue is an act of cunningness by government of India, which is being tried in Kashmir for last 60 years,” Hurriyat (G) said. He said those talking with India secretly or openly are signatory to the 1993 Hurriyat constitution which is against bilateral talks and which is for tripartite talks only. “I am only sticking to this stand and those dubbing it as a provocative act are attempting to divert the attention from real issue,”Geelani said. The Hurriyat (G) chairman said the Indian government has not moved an inch from its stand on Kashmir since 1947 and continues to describe Kashmir as its integral part. According to him, if at all the dialogue brings some change then it would be only soft borders. “But this is not acceptable to us. If we had to do so, we would have done so 60 years back and what was the need for offering the huge sacrifice of life and property,” he said. “I am not against talks but those should be tripartite talks under UN resolutions and prior to dialogue, India government must accept Kashmir as disputed and go for total troop withdrawal and unconditional release of prisoners,”Geelani said. Raising a question mark at the Indian democracy and secularism, he said despite the report of Liberahan commission becoming public, no action was taken against those involved in the demolition of Babri mosque. He said in Kashmir, the government made a person, responsible for the killing of 150 persons, an MLA and projected him as messiah. Geelani said his struggle for right of self determination and troop withdrawal would continue. He alleged that New Delhi intends to change the demographic character in Kashmir on the pattern of Palestine. “The 5200 kanals of forest land in Shopian is being converted into an army cantonment and three lakh trees are to be cut. If forces’ officers claim that 500 to 700 militants are in the state and what is the justification for keeping eight lakh troops for them,” he said. The Hurriyat (G) chairman lashed out at mainstream parties including National Conference and Congress for “misleading the people through emotive slogans” and alleged that the parties were strengthening Indian interests here. He urged the mainstream leaders to give up pro-India politics and work for the movement so that it is taken to its logical conclusion.