Exposed: The Young Face Of J&K Terror

9 December 2009
Times Now

New Delhi: TIMES NOW exposes the terror indoctrination tactics of the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen of luring young unemployed boys with cash to take up arms. Over the past few months over 40 young men have gone missing in Jammu and Kashmir. TIMES NOW has learnt that these men were indoctrinated by terror groups like Lashkar and the Hizbul Mujahideen, men lured with the promise of a livelihood to pick up guns. A 19-year-old boy by the name of Zaheer Hussain was abducted from school located in a village called Dachhan in Jammu’s Kishtwar district. After getting assimilated as a militant into the ranks of the Lashkar in the month of August 2009, he was given the code name of Fida Islam. Zaheer who ironically was last seen by his family in school uniform, has been apprehended by police. A snapshot recovered shows Zaheer wearing an orange shirt proudly sporting a rifle, after being apparently indoctrinated by LeT terrorists. Zaheer’s is not an isolated case; Twenty-two-year-old Imtiaz, a resident of Doda and a graduate, was abducted on October 4 this year allegedly by armed LeT men while he was on his way to tuition classes. Similarly, police say another local, Safeer, a resident of Poonch was picked up by militants in May 2009 and taken to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir for training. Safeer was later apprehended in Poonch trying to make his way back. About 40 young men have gone missing in the past few months alone from Jammu, either enticed or coerced by terrorists into joining various outfits. It has been found that, to revive the glamour of the gun, terror groups in Jammu and Kashmir seem to be combining money and motivation to recruit new local blood with the idea to bolster the Pakistani claim that militancy in the region is indigenous. Also, the youths’ knowledge of the language and geography helps to further raise the spectre of violence in the region. “The motivation remains the same: one is indoctrination and often some gullible people are taken, as was the past trend, says Jammu IG Ashok Gupta. The hapless family members feel that unemployment and poverty are the main reasons for youngsters getting lured into the gun-culture. “He was unemployed, after that the militancy agencies brainwashed him and picked him up. We are now helpless. God is our only support now,” says Mohammad Yousuf a relative of Zaheer. The state government says it is doing all it can to prevent such episodes from taking place - but for those unfortunate enough to have been drawn into the web of terror, it's an uncertain future.