Talks Useless For Now: UJC

10 December 2009
Greater Kashmir
Nisar Ahemed Thokar

Islamabad: The Chairman of United Jihad Council and the supreme commander of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen today said talks with New Delhi were useless at this moment as the Indian offer was just a ploy to ward off international pressure. “As a matter of fact, it is international pressure that has mounted on India and they just want to diffuse it by playing the card of quiet diplomacy so as to convey the message to the world community that it is engaged in a dialogue with Kashmiri leaders,” Syed Salahuddin said while talking to media persons in Rawalpindi. “Under the given circumstances, holding dialogue is absolutely an aimless and fruitless exercise,” he said. “Whenever there is international pressure that Kashmir issue must be resolved in order to avoid any eventuality of nuclear confrontation in south Asia, India makes talks offer to Kashmiris just to neutralize the situation.” Terming quiet talks a conspiracy against Kashmiris, the UJC Chairman appealed the Kashmiri leaders not to get swayed by this offer, saying the basic motive behind this was nothing but to create chaos and confusion within the masses and among the Hurriyat ranks. He said bilateralism has miserably failed to yield any positive results. In order to avoid confusion, he said the separatist leadership must forge unity among their ranks. “Sticking to the principled stand of right to self-determination, all the pro-freedom leaders must evolve a joint strategy and chalk out a comprehensive mechanism to lead the ongoing struggle to its logical end,” he said. Regarding the troop withdrawal he said that Indian has withdrawn 39-Mountain Division deployed in Rajouri and Poonch area but the Division was replaced by infamous Task Force ‘in which criminal minded extremist people are recruited.’ He made it clear that Kashmir was neither an issue related to internal security nor a border dispute between India and Pakistan, ‘it is the matter of right to self-determination of over 13 million people of Jammu and Kashmir that can be ascertained either by implementing the relevant UN resolutions or through tripartite talks.’ “Right to self-determination is a globally recognized right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir guaranteed to them by the world’s highest body besides the leadership of India and Pakistan,” the UJC chief said. He maintained that after decades long peaceful, unarmed and political struggle, Kashmiris were forced to adopt alternative ways and means to achieve their inalienable and non-negotiable right. About the resistance movement he pointed out that the only motive behind launching an armed struggle in Kashmir was just to achieve this legitimate right, ‘which India has been denying to the people of Kashmir for last 62 years.’ He said the unprecedented sacrifices offered by the people of Kashmir were not for social development, so-called good governance, trade or to attain economic benefits from India. The sacrifices, he said, were given to achieve the legitimate right of self-determination. Salahuddin maintained that by using its military might India wanted to crush the will of Kashmiris by unleashing a reign of terror in the length and breadth of Jammu and Kashmir. He stated that over 700 thousand military and paramilitary troops have been deployed in Kashmir. During last 22 years of armed struggle, he claimed, Indian troops have ‘ruthlessly killed hundreds and thousands of innocent Kashmiris.’ Quoting Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society and International Peoples Tribunal, he said that thousands of unnamed graves of missing persons were discovered in Uri, Bandipora, Varmul and Kupwara. Condemning the attack on Fazal Haq Qureshi, he said it was a deep rooted conspiracy to create trust deficit besides creating disorder in the ranks of Hurriyat Conference. Replying to a question, he said former President General Musharraf’s Kashmir policy proved detrimental for the ongoing struggle and urged the Government of Pakistan to revive its historic stand on Kashmir. Voicing concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan, he said foreign agencies including Indian spy agency was fanning terrorism in Pakistan to destabilize the country. He said that Government of Pakistan should adopt a reconciliatory approach to tackle this issue. He said, “A true Mujahid can never become part of any such process wherein innocent people are being killed ruthlessly. Bombing public places and mosques is an inhuman and un-Islamic act and no religion, no Shariah justifies such attacks.” A report was also released on the occasion. According to the report, “101234 people were killed by the Indian troops since 1989, 222238 people were arrested, 570698 wounded and 8626 have disappeared.” Highlighting the plight of Kashmiri women, the report said that 4244 women have been killed, 23958 wounded, 4142 arrested, 22702 widowed and 9885 women molested over the past 22 years of unrest and turmoil in Kashmir. Revealing the number of orphaned children, the report said that the number has reached to 107318, whereas 1423 children were martyred, 2452 injured, 9 arrested, 158 disappeared. The report also said that during the various operations across the state, 104601 houses have been gutted and about 100 mosques demolished by troops.